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   My name is Steve Doty and i am located in Evansville, Indiana in the South Western part of Indiana along the banks of the Ohio river.
I am an active Amatuer Radio operator who likes chasing DX and experimenting with electronics and computers.
   I am currently 55yrs old and have been working around electronics since i was 8yrs old. I worked for 15 yrs in the Ham Radio business doing repairs for The Ham Station here in Evansville and the last 17yrs working in the 2way radio business working for Tri State Communications (now Emergency Radio Service). I have always considered the Ham Radio repair service to be much more challenging than that of the comercial and public safety 2way business. I started off doing mostly board level repairs and still do from time to time but lots of the comercial manufacturers are building equipment today to be non repairable. I am spending most of my time these days designing 911 dispatch centers, communication site designs and lots of programming.
   I am still also very interested in anything computer related. From building my own machines to writing my own code. I have always like the challenge of understanding new technology and computers seem to always be changing. I remember my first computer, a Xerox 820 running a 2.5Mhz Z80 processor with a 64k of ram and an 8in 128k floppy drive.
Xerox 820 computer
 How things have changed. I now run dual quad core 3.8Ghz processors with 32Gb of ram and 4- 2Tb hard drives running raid 10.
   I became involved in radio in the late 60's at my Grandpa's Motorola shop. I spent lots of time at the shop and would help out where i could. In the early 80's while in college i got my Novice class Amatuer Radio license. At the time your written test was only availible at a designated FCC office. For me that was in Louisville, Ky. I upgraded to General class in 1984 and then Extra class in 1987. Most of my early years in Ham Radio were spent using CW (morse code). I spent most of my radio time on HF and loved looking for DX on the lowbands. In the late 80's i started playing around on VHF and UHF and above. I worked 23 states on 2m SSB and even worked 5 states on 1.2Ghz SSB. I finally had to switch back to HF since i simply did have room for all the different antennas at same.   It was the antenna restrictions that really spurred my interest in antennas. I have tried so many different antennas that i think I have a pretty good idea of what works and what don't. I learned that antenna knowledge comes from the time spent trying much more than anything else.

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